Spiked Shoe Inv  9/23/06

Penn State University, University Park, PA

Penn State Blue and White Golf Course

(This is across N Atherton Street from the campus)


We will be leaving Colts Neck HS at 10:00 am on Friday, stopping for lunch on the way (bring lunch or money), arriving at the hotel at around 3:00-3:30pm.  The hotel we are staying at is the Ramada Inn and Conference Center at 1450 South Atherton St, State College, PA and the phone # is (814) 238-3001.  (It is about a mile and a half from the campus.)  After checking in the hotel and changing, we will drive to the course and run a light run over the course.  After the run, we will go back to the hotel, shower and then go to dinner.  We will pay for dinner.  Breakfast is free.

Race times:  (There will be college races before the high school races)

Girls Varsity HS  -  11:30 am

Boys Varsity HS  -  12:15 pm

JV (Boys and Girls HS)  -  1:00 pm

HS Awards:  -  1:30 pm


We will leave after the awards, have lunch and start home.  The kids will pay for their own lunch.  We will be back at sometime after 7pm that evening.

Directions:  To get to the golf course from the hotel you just go north on South Atherton and it will be on the left as you reach the campus.  I am not sure where the race starts on the golf course.

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From: 59 Five Points Rd, Colts Neck, NJ, 07722-1781
To: 1450 S Atherton St, State College, PA, 16801-6205
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Directions Distance Time
Start: Depart Start on Five Point Rd [Five Points Rd] (North) 0.2 < 1min
1: Turn LEFT (West) onto CR-537 0.4 0:01
2: Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto SR-18 (RT-18) 8.0 0:07
3: At exit 30, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto US-9 (US-9 / New York / The Amboys) 7.4 0:09
4: Keep RIGHT onto Ramp (Garden State Parkway North) 0.3 < 1min
5: *Toll road* Merge onto Garden State Pkwy 2.5 0:02
6: *Toll road* Road name changes to Alfred E. Driscoll Bridge [Driscoll Bridge] 0.4 < 1min
7: *Toll road* Road name changes to Garden State Pkwy 19.2 0:20
8: At exit 145, keep RIGHT onto Ramp (I-280 / New Jersey Turnpike / The Oranges / Newark / Harrison) 0.3 0:01
9: Keep LEFT to stay on Ramp (I-280 / West Orange / Newark) 0.1 < 1min
10: Keep LEFT to stay on Ramp (I-280 / The Oranges) 0.4 0:01
11: Take Ramp (LEFT) onto I-280 (I-280 / The Oranges) 11.5 0:12
12: Take Ramp (LEFT) onto I-80 Express Ln (I-80 / Dover / Del Water Gap) 2.7 0:03
13: Road name changes to I-80 194 2:47
Entering Pennsylvania
14: At exit 161, turn RIGHT onto Ramp (US-220 / Pa-26 / Bellefonte) 0.2 < 1min
15: Keep STRAIGHT to stay on Ramp (US-220 / Pa-26 / US-322 / Bellefonte) < 0.1 < 1min
16: Turn LEFT (West) onto US-220 [SR-26] 11.7 0:12
17: Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto US-322 [Mt Nittany Expy] (US-322 / State College / Lewistown) 1.4 0:03
18: Keep RIGHT onto Ramp (Pa-26 / State College) 0.3 < 1min
19: Turn RIGHT (South-West) onto SR-26 [E College Ave] 1.2 0:02
20: Turn RIGHT onto Ramp (Penn State University) 0.1 < 1min
21: Keep LEFT to stay on Ramp < 0.1 < 1min
22: Turn LEFT (South) onto University Dr 1.6 0:03
23: Turn RIGHT (West) onto US-322 Bus [S Atherton St] 0.2 0:01
End: Arrive End < 0.1 < 1min
Total Route 264 mi 4 hrs  4 mins