Freehold Regional High School District
Parental Transportation Request for Club/Team
(Please submit at least 24 hours in advance.)
            As pursuant to the Freehold Regional High School District Board Policy, all students participating in extracurricular activities must use Freehold Regional transportation.  However, exceptions can be made in extenuating circumstances on an individual basis.  This form MUST be approved by the Advisor/Coach, the Supervisor of Extracurricular Activities (Mrs. Bruno), and/or a building Administrator.  It is further understood that a parent/guardian can transport HIS/HER CHILD ONLY.  Similarly, a student who is given permission to drive is only permitted to transport themselves.
            To be considered for an exception to the above policy, please fill in all the information below and submit to the Advisor/Coach first.
Student Name (Please Print):    ________________________________________
Activity/Sport:                         ________________________________________
Date of Event:                         ________________________________________
Time of Event:                         ________________________________________
I am requesting to (please check only one):
_______  Bring my child to the event only                  _______  Pick up my child from the event only
_______  Both bring and pick-up my child to and from the event
_______ Allow my son/daughter to drive to/from the athletic event
Reason:              _____________________________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Name (please print) ________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________________________________
Coach/Advisor Approval _________________________SECA Approval _________________
There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.  Student athletes must ride on the team bus unless this form is submitted and approved.  You may fax this to Mrs. Bruno office at 732-308-0457.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Mr. Keith Land                                                                       Mrs. Jeannette Bruno
Principal                                                                                                Supervisor of Extracurricular Act