Six Flags Wild Safari Invitational

September 24, 2022  

Meet Information


  • Spikes are recommended.  1/4" would be recommended due to about 200 meters total of pavement on course.
  • The course is mostly flat with some very mild rises and is run over mostly grass and dirt trails with several road crossings and one stretch of 150 meters of pavement.
  • It will be well marked (a painted line for the full course) and fast.
  • The field will start with 2 and a half laps of the start field next to the Hurricane Harbor Parking Lot.
  • At approximately 1.7 miles, will head through the woods, along a creek, over the creek on a wooden bridge, and then through a gate into the Animal Safari.
  • The course will stay in the Wild Safari for approximately .7 miles before heading back near the start area by Hurricane Harbor for the finish.  Spectators are not permitted in the Wild Safari.  Teams will not be able to walk that part of the course. 


  • NO day of the meet entries.
  • All entries will be done on line at  Go to entries page for more info.
  • Entries are limited.  Once we meet each number that division will be closed.
  • Event is open to the first:
  •      150 boys high school teams
  •      150 girls high school teams 
  •       25 boys middle school teams
  •       25 girls middle school teams  
  • We expect to meet these numbers early so do not wait once the entries are open.  If a division does not fill up, the entry deadline is 09/18/2022.  This date is final due to sanctioning.
  • Enter your team to hold your spot, you can add and change your roster until 09/21/2022.


  • Entry fee for High Schools is $9 per athlete with a maximum of $250 per gender/team. ($500 for combined boys and girls team)
  • Entry fee for Middle Schools is $9 per athlete with a maximum of $150 per gender/team.   ($300 for a combined boys and girls team)
  • The rosters for each team have to be completed by Wednesday, Sept 21.  After that date you cannot add any more names.  We will be sending a mass email to remind everyone.  If a mass email will be stopped at your school before getting to you, use a personal email address as your contact email.
  • Print entry fee total when roster is completed and use as your receipt.  Send in entry fee as soon as roster is completed.
  • Make checks out to: Six Flags Wild Safari Inv and send to:
    Six Flags Wild Safari XC Invitational
    PO Box 5006
    Kendall Park, NJ 08824
  • Please make sure your school does not send the check to Six Flags.  The above address is the only way we can get paid.  It is your responsibility to send a new check and chase after Six Flags if you send the check to the wrong address.


  • The race is timed via an automatic timing system.
  • We intend to start all races on time.
  • Each race will begin 10-20 minutes apart and end in two finish chutes (left side for the boys and right side for girls).  Every finisher will get a final time, regardless if they get caught by the next race.
  • Be sure to have your runners on the line 10 minutes prior to the start of the race for check in by the course clerk.
  • Once the course leaves the Hurricane Harbor Parking Lot area (approx 1.7 miles) there is no overlap or crossing.
  • Every school (boys and girls combined) will have no more than 2 hours between the time their first race starts and their last member finishes.
  • Please have your athletes be careful of races in progress while walking or warming up on the course.
  • Please bring your own pins.
  • Results will be posted at by race evening of Sept 24.  They will also be posted at the meet site.
  • Athletes 19 years of age before September 1, 2022 or 13th graders are not allowed to compete.
  • Middle School athletes can enter as an individual but must be in 6th through 8th grade.  Use your school name as your team.  No Club teams.  Teams have to have all individuals attend the same middle school.  
  • High School athletes must enter under their high school team.  If you have an outstanding athlete and the meet is closed, contact race management. 
  • Teams competing from outside New Jersey will be placed in the proper race by using their 10th through 12th grade enrollment.  Race assignments will be posted no later than Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

Middle School:  One race for girls and one for boys.  At least 5 runners comprise a team but you can run as many as you like.  There will be a team competition but only one team from each school will be scored. 

Freshman High School: Two races for both girls and boys.  At least 5 runners comprise a team but you can run as many as you like.  There will be a team competition  but only one team from each school will be scored. . 

JV (junior varsity) High School: Three races for both girls and boys.  This is not an underclassman race.  You must run a complete Varsity team (your fastest 7 runners) in order to run in the JV race.  At least 5 runners comprise a team but you can run as many as you like.  There will be a team competition but only one team from each school will be scored. 

Varsity High School: Are divided by enrollment (current 10th to 12th graders).  The smallest 30 teams in the "E" race and the largest 30 in the "A" race.  You can request from meet management to move up to a larger division if you want better competition or have special travel needs. 

     For more information about the meet email Coach Jim Schlentz at



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  • For just $39.99 plus tax per person (when purchased in advance online) all athletes, coaches, friends and family are welcome to all the rides, shows and attractions that Six Flags is famous for.
  • For more information about Six Flags Great Adventure visit, call 732-928-2000 x2850 or email