Summer Practice Schedule and Notes for 2019

All weekday practices start at 6:00 PM and finish around 8:00 PM.  Don't be late, we start warming up at 6:00 PM, so be there 10 minutes early.  Saturday practices start at 9 a.m.  Below is where each practice will be held and when until school starts.   DIRECTIONS to all places.

Three important dates:  7/8, 7/25  &  8/19, WHY? Look below!

This schedule may change.  Check back periodically for changes!!

7/8  UNOFFICIAL PRACTICE STARTS - You do not have to be there but it will help you become a better runner 
7/8 Mon Holmdel Park
7/11 Thurs Freehold Pond (Lake Topanemus)
7/25  REMEMBER: ALL Physical forms must be into the nurse by this day! or no participation in any sport for the fall season.  Plan ahead!
7/15 Mon Holmdel Park
7/18 Thurs Freehold Pond (Lake Topanemus)
7/22 Mon Holmdel Park
7/25 Thurs Freehold Pond (Lake Topanemus)
7/29 Mon Holmdel Park
8/1 Thurs Freehold Pond (Lake Topanemus)
8/5 Mon Holmdel Park
8/8 Thurs Freehold Pond (Lake Topanemus)
8/12 Mon Holmdel Park
8/13-8/18 Tues - Sun Most of the team will be at a running camp.  Call coach if you need info or go to  If not going to camp, follow normal training.  Coach Lykes will meet anyone not going to camp at Holmdel Park on Monday and Lake Topanemus on Thursday.
8/19  OFFICIAL PRACTICE STARTS - Be there!!!! 
8/19 Mon 6 p.m. Freehold Township Arboretum - it will be an easy run to recover from camp. 
8/20 Tues 6 p.m. Freehold Pond (Lake Topanemus) 
8/21 Wed  6 p.m. Manasquan Reservoir
8/22 Thurs  6 p.m. Holmdel Park
8/23 Fri  6 p.m. Bucks Mill Park  - we will jog dual meet course
8/24 Sat  9 a.m. Durand Park/neighborhood (long run)
8/25 Sun  no practice - run on your own;  
8/26 Mon  6 p.m. Bucks Mill Park - we will have our Alumni/Team time trial
8/27 Tues  6 p.m.  Durand Park/neighborhood
8/28 Wed  6 p.m. Holmdel Park
8/29 Thurs  6 p.m. Durand Park/neighborhood
8/30 Fri  6 p.m. Monmouth Battlefield Park/Manalapan 
8/31 Sat  9 am. Durand Park/neighborhood (long run) - Coach Schlentz's birthday which is a NATIONAL HOLIDAY!
9/1 Sun  no practice - run on your own;  
9/1 Mon  Labor Day - no practice - run on your own (distance)
9/3 Tues  6 p.m.  Holmdel Park
9/4 Wed  6 p.m.  Durand Park/neighborhood
9/5 Thurs  3 p.m.  FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - practice after school.  Late bus 5:00.

Once school starts, practices are after school Monday through Fridays at 3:15 and Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:00, if we don't have a meet.  You should be there at every practice!