Summer Practice Schedule and Notes for 2024

All weekday practices start at 6:00 PM and finish around 8:00 PM.  Don't be late, we start warming up at 6:00 PM, so be there 10 minutes early.  Saturday practices start at 9 a.m.  Below is where each practice will be held and when until school starts.   DIRECTIONS to all places.

Three important dates:  7/8, 7/19  &  8/19, WHY? Look below!

This schedule may change.  Check back periodically for changes!!

7/8 UNOFFICIAL PRACTICE STARTS - You do not have to be there but it will help you become a better runner 
7/8 Mon Holmdel Park
7/11 Thurs Freehold Pond (Lake Topanemus)
7/19  REMEMBER: ALL Physical forms must be into the nurse by this day! or no participation in any sport for the fall season.  Plan ahead!
7/15 Mon Holmdel Park
7/18 Thurs Freehold Pond (Lake Topanemus)
7/22 Mon Holmdel Park
7/25 Thurs Freehold Pond (Lake Topanemus)
7/29 Mon Holmdel Park
8/1 Thurs Freehold Pond (Lake Topanemus)
8/5 Mon Holmdel Park
8/8 Thurs Freehold Pond (Lake Topanemus)
8/12 Mon 6 p.m. Holmdel Park 
8/15 Thurs  6 p.m. Freehold Pond (Lake Topanemus) 
8/17 Sat  8 a.m. Big Brook Park (Marlboro) (long run)
8/19 Mon  6 p.m. Holmdel Park 
8/20 Tues  6 p.m.  Durand Park/neighborhood
8/21 Wed  6 p.m. Manasquan Reservoir
8/22 Thurs  6 p.m. Freehold Pond (Lake Topanemus) 
8/23 Fri  6 p.m. Bucks Mill Park  - we will jog dual meet course 
8/24 Sat  8:00 a.m. Belmar - Coach Hickey's house (long run) -
8/25 Sun  no practice - run on your own;  
8/26 Mon  7:30 a.m. Holmdel Park
8/27 Tues  6 p.m.  Durand Park/neighborhood
8/28 Wed  6 p.m.  Manasquan Reservoir
8/29 Thurs  5:45 p.m. Bucks Mill Park - Team Time Trial
8/30 Fri  6 p.m. Durand Park/neighborhood
8/31 Sat  8 a.m. Durand Park/neighborhood (long run) - Coach Schlentz's birthday which is a NATIONAL HOLIDAY! 
9/1 Sun  no practice - run on your own;  
9/2 Mon  Labor Day - no practice - run on your own (distance)
9/3 Tues  5:45 p.m.  Holmdel Park
9/4 Wed  3 p.m. FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - practice after school. 

Once school starts, practices are after school Monday through Fridays at 3:15 and Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:00, if we don't have a meet.  You should be there at every practice!