Cougar Invitational Entry Blank

School:  ________________________     Email address:  ________________ 

Boys’ Coach:  ___________________________  Phone # _______________

Girls’ Coach:  ___________________________   Phone # _______________

Race                     # of Teams              Entry Fee                        Total for Race

Boys Championship   (1 team only)       @ $35.00                       ____________

Girls Championship    (1 team only)      @ $35.00                       ____________

Boys Varsity         (1 team only)            @ $35.00                       ____________

Girls Varsity          (1 team only)            @ $35.00                       ____________  

*you can have more than one JV or frosh teams, any additional athletes add to individual entries, no more than 7 for each team. (Ex: 9 runners would be 1 team and 2 individuals.)

Boys JV                __________            @ $30.00                       ____________

Girls JV                 __________           @ $30.00                       ____________ 

Boys Frosh            __________           @ $30.00                       ____________

Girls Frosh            __________            @ $30.00                       ____________ 

Boys Middle          __________            @ $30.00                       ____________

Girls Middle           __________            @ $30.00                      ____________

Individual Entries 

Boys JV                __________              @ $5.00                       ____________

Girls JV                 __________              @ $5.00                       ____________

Boys Frosh            __________              @ $5.00                      ____________ 

Girls Frosh            __________               @ $5.00                      ____________ 

Boys Middle            __________             @ $5.00                      ____________ 

Girls Middle            __________             @ $5.00                      ____________ 

                                                  TOTAL ENTRY FEE           ____________  

Make Checks Payable To:   COLTS NECK CROSS COUNTRY  

Mail Entries and Payment To:                        QUESTIONS? 

Colts Neck High School                              Email:

C/O  Jim Schlentz                                        Phone:  732-761-0190  x8224

59 Five Points Road                                     Fax:  732-761-0193  

Colts Neck,  NJ  07722  

ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY:  Friday, September 12, 2009.  We need this early date because of sanctioning for the out-of-state schools.  We will hold to this date.  If the entries are going to be late or you are not sure if you can come, call us and let us know you are/may be coming and we can put your school on the sanctioning list.  We can get the paperwork later but we have to send in the sanctioning info on Monday, Sept 15.

ATTENTION:   High Schools  

All New Jersey High Schools must submit a roster by email using the Hy-Tech program.

You can use either the windows version or the DOS version.  Either format will be acceptable.  All rosters must be submitted by the entry due date.

Email your Hy-Tech roster to:  New email address!

Please put your school name in the subject window.  

Out of State High Schools:  If you use Hy-Tech, please follow the above directions.  If you do not, you must submit a TYPED roster, alphabetized by last name with grade, by the entry due date.

Out of State High Schools Grade 10 – 12 Enrollment:  _________  

* Please make note if it is an all boys or all girls school.*

This will be used to place the team in the proper division. _____________________________________________________________

*  There are NO changes to the roster the day of the meet!    

Attention:  Middle Schools

A TYPED, alphabetized roster with grade must be submitted by the entry due date.


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